My Turnitin score changed!

A lot of students find that when they submit their assessment, their Turnitin similarity score is higher than when they did their own turnitin check. Why is this?

When you submit your draft submission, it is only compared with the Turnitin database until your due date. 

Once your due date passes, Turnitin regenerates the similarity reports so that the submissions of your class is included. This means that your work will be compared against your classmates' only when the due date has passed and can often result in a higher similarity score. 

For example, assessment requiring the use of a template, report sections or essay questions, these areas will show as text matches against your classmate's work after your due date passes, sometimes resulting in a higher score.

Additionally, if two or more students have included the same piece of text, Turnitin will only search external databases before the due date but once the due date has passed, the papers will match each other.

If you have any queries about what is an acceptable Turnitin score, please contact your lecturer.

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