Deferring an exam or quiz

Many subjects have both Assessment and Review online quizzes, and some on campus subjects have in class quizzes.

If you need to apply to defer a quiz or exam, please visit Learning Resources > Computer Skills > Quizzes page in the LMS or via the link below.

If you are unable to start the assessment within the nominated exam period, then you must submit a Deferred Examination Application Form with supporting evidence, no later than three (3) working days after the closing date of the exam. Failure to complete within the nominated exam date or fail to follow the Assessment Policy and process, will result in a Fail grade.

Quizzes are considered examinations and therefore the Examination Policy applies. Please note any examinations worth less than 15% of total marks for the subject are NOT eligible to be deferred.

Make sure you are familiar with the policies and processes of applying to defer your exam, particularly which circumstances will be accepted as a valid reason for deferring an exam. 

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