Assignment Submission Process

If you have been studying with us for a little while, you may have noticed we’ve recently upgraded our assessment submission process. The simplified process has been applied from the July cohort online, and Semester 2 on campus.

The previous method involved a two-step process. Firstly, upload the document to the LMS for it to go through TurnItIn; then secondly, hit the ‘Submit for Grading’ button once you’ve received your TurnItIn score to finish the process. We noticed that it was quite common for the second step to be missed resulting in the file remaining as a draft – many students found this quite stressful as they weren’t sure if their assessment would be marked, or if it would have late penalties applied to it.

In light of this, we have simplified and improved this submission process - Now, it’s a one-step upload. This means that once you upload your document, you do not need to press another button to send it for grading, it will already be submitted. If you decide you want to change something, or if you receive a high TurnItIn score, you can edit your submission right up until the due date of the assessment.

Here is a video guide to take you step by step through the new process applying to online cohorts from July onwards, and Semester 2.

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