Email Problems

Not receiving your emails? Your provider may be to blame.

Sometimes a student will flag a LMS email as spam and some providers like AOL will block the sender.

This blocking by AOL/Windows Live etc changes from month to month so what worked previously may suddenly stop working.

GMAIL (and a few others) are better at handling this type of misreported spam report but getting an institution off the "naughty" list is quite a process.

If your provider is blocking the emails, unfortunately we are unable to help with that. The best thing to do is contact your email provider, or change to a different email provider.

We can set you up with an official Endeavour email account which you can then forward to your email of choice. Emails coming from a 'personal' account will be far less likely to be blocked.


What can I do to help?

1. Add to your contact list and/or safe senders list

2. Check your spam and always mark as 'Not Spam' if they have been automatically selected.

3. Delete or filter your unwanted emails and don't forget to change your email settings on the LMS to Digest, once a day.

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