Contractor Emails - EWEB

If you are an Endeavour Contract Academic, you have an email account automatically created for you. You will be provided with an email address in the following format:

The first initial of your firstname and your surname. For e.g 

Any contractor created on or after 13th February 2015 will be created with as your username, but also with an alias email address of


To access your email you can browse to the following URL -

You will arrive at a page asking you to login. This is where you enter your username If you have never logged into a Google based account, you will see the screen below. 



If you have a Google account that has been used on your computer, you will be presented with the screen below to the left. Click on  "Add account" and then you will then be required to enter your email login credentials.


If you are having trouble logging into your account or your password is not working, you can email us at

Contract Academics can access their account by using the password provided by Human Resources. If you are unsure of your password, Human Resources can be contacted to confirm.

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