Downloading Youtube videos to watch later

To find a solution use  Google or similar to find many alternatives, here are some examples below: 

Method 1: Downloading YouTube videos using Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has add-ons / plugins that allow you to download YouTube videos
(these plugins change as youtube tries to stop download of videos) 


  1. In Firefox click on the "3 horizontal lines" icon top right, 
  2. Then click on "Add-ons", then click on "Get Add-ons" top left, Click "Find more add-on",
  3. Click Extensions, In the search box top right enter  youtube download
  4. Click on the "Install" button with a suitable Download YouTube plugin 
  5. Now when you go to YouTube, you will see the Download option 
  6. Use 360p for small downloads

Method 2. Downloading YouTube videos with Any-Video-Converter 



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