Assignment Filename and Word Format

The filename should contain the subject code, your name, short assignment name and version.  You are typically allowed to upload 3 files into the assignment upload submission area, the maximum filesize is 1 MB, see below for more help.

Please change the filename version each time you need a similarity score, for example draft1, draft2, and final.

Please ensure that the assignment file you upload to the LMS assignment submission system is saved in Microsoft Word format with .docx file extension (old Word format uses .doc file extension)

  • For Microsoft Office the default saved file will have a .docx extension
  • For free Google Docs file / download as MS Word .docx format file
  • For free LibreOffice save the file to MS Word format with extension .docx
  • For free Apple Pages export file to MS Word format and check the .docx extension
  • For free WPS Office save file to MS Word format with extension .docx

Once you have upload your file you can see clearly the file extension, so if it is missing add .docx , you only need one .docx at the end of the filename and do not add words like draft or final after the .docx

Reminder assignments are due before 11:55pm usually on a Sunday using AEST, which means that if you are in Perth that is 9:55pm.

Apple Devices

Safari - Turnitin® uses Pop-ups - click on Preferences, Security, remove the tick against Block Pop-ups.  However to view the similarity score your web browser needs a Flash player, hence we recommend Google chrome.  For more advanced users Firefox has add-ons just install a Flash Plugin. Safari does not support Flash.

Pages - Export file to Word format docx and save as filename with docx extension - see

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