I have uploaded another document to the LMS, but do not have a new Turnitin score.

There could be 2 reasons this could be happening.

  • You can only get one Turnitin score every 24 hours. Has it been 24 hours since you last uploaded a document to receive a similarity score? If no, you will need to wait for 24 hours to upload another copy.
  • The other reason is if you have not changed the file name. If the file name of the second document is the same as the first one you uploaded, Turnitin reads this as the same document, and does not give you a new score. I would recommend removing your document from the LMS and uploading the document again, with a new file name. For example, you could add v2 or draft2 to the end of the file name. Remember to wait 24 hours before uploading the new version.

If you still have not received a new score, submit a request to us.

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